The Calhan Emergency Warning System

Weather Emergency 

The town of Calhan has an Emergency Warning system in cases of  bad weather. 

THE WARNING: 3 one minute blasts will be sounded with 30 sec breaks.

  • In the event of an an actual tornado, seek shelter immediately, via basement, or church or your bathtub, cover yourself with pillows and blankets. 

ALL CLEAR: 1 long and steady 3 minute blast.

Helpful Numbers in case of Emergencies

Emergencies Call 911

Calhan Police Department: 719-347-2586

El Paso County Sheriff's Office: 719-390-5555

Mountain View Electric: 719-495-2283

Glaser Energy Group: 719-602-5384

Ed Glaser Propane Inc.:719-347-2338 or 1-800-246-4223

Edison Propane:719-478-5000

Henderson Propane:719-683-2427

Stone Oil Co. 719-775-9797

Apollo Propane: 719-683-2400